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“I worked with Luanne Cameron first as a development field consultant in State Farm and noticed right away how she was able to develop and motivate her team so successfully. She provided them with a platform to empower themselves to be part of a great agency. Throughout the years, we have had a monthly mentoring call which she has excelled in developing her team and provided me with some insights of how I can help my existing agents with their teams.

I recently asked Luanne to speak with a group of female agents who have been struggling with team dynamics, accountability and overall motivation.  She presented the 110 Philosophy and how she implements it with her team and empowers them to be the “owner” of their business. I know the concept was well received by all who were on the call, and one agent asked to be mentored by Luanne through some of the challenges she was having in her office. Luanne totally is the 110 Philosophy!”

—  Brenda Flagg, State Farm Sales Leader, Syracuse South

“I have known Luanne both professionally and personally for 15 years, and have always been impressed by her focus and dedication to both her business and what is important in her life overall. Her philosophy of always giving 110% to everything she does is an inspiration! Having worked in her office as an intern, I was especially impressed by the culture she has built of respect, dedication to results, and excellent customer service. I believe Luanne is such a success because she has a clear vision, a focus on her goals, and a discipline to sustain her efforts long-term. I know firsthand that her team and her customers appreciate her 110% commitment to providing a remarkable experience.”

— Judy Lamoureux, SF Agency Field Specialist

 “Working with Luanne has been an eye-opening experience. As a young agent looking back at my first few years I can honestly say I was successful by mistake at times, but after working with Luanne I can now say I do things systematically and with the end in mind. Whether it’s monitoring monthly agency premium/book growth, or building an office culture, Luanne has assisted me in creating a sustainable business that will continue to grow, the right way, for many years to come.”

–Bobby Donnelly, State Farm Agent (new agent)

“Luanne Cameron has been able to take her passionate coaching skills, couple them with the “new day at State Farm”, and establish a culture in her agency that is truly “Remarkable”!  I had the joy of visiting her office and instantly wanted the same environment for my office. Luanne immediately volunteered to be my coach! Her laser focus, passion, desire to share, and ability to stay on target is exactly what is needed today! I believe she can catapult any agencies to the next level. 

Luanne has a “110” philosophy that is contagious! It will help you manage your business to success!  State Farm Insurance Companies can capitalize on her giftedness. She believes in State Farm and her message will resonate with all agents!”

— Dennis Keller, State Farm Agent (30+ years)

About Me

I'm Luanne Cameron, Business & Life Strategist. I'm a proud, working mother who has been happily married for 30 years, and I have experienced plenty of life's challenges as I know you have. I've found success in my career and happiness in my life, and I want to show you how to do the same. Read more...

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