Transforming “Bad” Times

I SO BELIEVE in the power of positive energy, a cornerstone of my 110 Philosophy, and that is the reason why I am sharing this latest part of my crazy health journey with you all: This is NOT a “poor me” post though, I assure you! It seems hard to believe that I will be […]


The 110 Philosophy is not about being happy all the time, every day. It’s about how to better handle what life throws your way so that you are happy more of the time, and when things are not good, circumstances do not wreck you. The 110 Philosophy teaches you how to manage your thoughts to […]

The Manuscript is gaining traction!

110 Manuscript is gaining traction! October 1, 2016 It has been quite awhile since I have given an update on the 110 Philosophy!  As we all know – LIFE HAPPENS! Life threw me a couple of curve balls with my health………  In October of 2014 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer…. and I have been […]

Hear all about my journey and the 110 Philosophy!

Women Taking the Lead August 4, 2015 I was recently interviewed by Jodi Flynn for her podcast, “Women Taking the Lead.” Jodi is a professional coach whose goals are similar to my own: supporting leadership development in individuals to help them excel personally and professionally. I was honored to join the ranks of the successful […]

The 110 Philosophy Launch!

 What is new for the 110 Philosophy? March 19, 2015 Luanne Cameron As of March – the 110 Philosophy is officially trademarked!  So now I am ready to share my life’s journey with you and my philosophy to living life happily for a very long time, until I am 110 years young! My main GOAL – […]

About Me

I'm Luanne Cameron, Business & Life Strategist. I'm a proud, working mother who has been happily married for 30 years, and I have experienced plenty of life's challenges as I know you have. I've found success in my career and happiness in my life, and I want to show you how to do the same. Read more...

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